Training In a Fixed Wing Microlight

Mike Smith  CFI  and fixed-wing Instructor at Otherton Airfield

Book a trial flight for an exhilarating experience and a chance of achieving something most people can only dream of.

Learn to fly fixed wing aircraft in a relaxed atmosphere at an excellent aerodrome based at Penkridge, Staffordshire.

A choice of two Eurostar aircraft are available for training and supervised solo work.

All book exams are taken at the field.

Prices at December 2017 for 60 minutes are:

Dual instruction school aircraft        £120

Dual instruction own aircraft             £ 85

Supervised solo school aircraft         £110

Supervised solo own aircraft              £50

Dual instruction in a school aircraft is also available for 45 minutes at £89 and 20 minutes at £50.

Contact Mick the CFI directly by email below or call 07985 575850