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Acquisition of Otherton Airfield


I am very pleased to announce that on Thursday 29th February 2024, the transaction completed to allow me to acquire the business of Otherton Airfield Limited (OAL).

Many of you will know that my two Daughters have, for some time (despite pandemics, mechanical breakdowns, shortages of parts and the good old British weather) been learning to fly as students of Mick Smith, whilst I have enjoyed my training: initially with Mike Bailey and more recently Terry Dobbins.

Over this period, we have come to know many of you who regularly fly or indeed visit the Cafe on Saturdays and Sundays: as such we have come to appreciate the truly fantastic atmosphere of friendly support and camaraderie that exists in this very special flying community at OAL.

There are no plans for radical change in the direction or management of the airfield. Although the business will be required to make a financial return so as to ensure sustainability and moderate growth in the long term, this is very much a family-oriented acquisition aimed at ensuring the ongoing success of the airfield for the continued benefit of all users.

In this vein, I am delighted to confirm that Graham Langston and Nigel Burton will continue their unwavering support in carrying out mechanical, buildings and ground maintenance/repair, whilst Alex Jermaine-Crowley has also agreed to continue to provide his first class administrative and financial control.

It should not go unremarked, that Mick Smith has retired as the Chief Flying Instructor at OAL after many successful years in that role: I would take this opportunity to thank Mick for his part in making OAL the success that it is: I’m sure you will join me in wishing Mick the very best for the future.

Whilst we are actively seeking a fixed wing instructor, I believe you will also join me in wishing Terry a successful transition to full Flexwing Flying Instructor accreditation in the very near future.

I will be more than happy to discuss any issues or queries that you may have, as-and-when they arise and I am sure that as a family, we can rely on your continued good will and enthusiastic support for our flying community here at Otherton.


R J Burke

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