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Otherton Airfield is PPR only


PPR requests can be made to:

Vanessa Burke: 07814 881189
Terry Dobbins (AFI): 07403 653920

Phil Perry: 07973 940222

If radio equipped please call 5 miles inbound on 129.830

Manned some weekends and by the Instructor(s) when flying.


Please note our no fly zones and approaches detailed below. In particular note the additional procedures for the Runway 34 approach which are mandatory due to livestock under the flightpath.

No rotary traffic except for police and air  ambulance due to noise restrictions.

Free Landing Fee

Airfield position: N52°42.52 W002°05.68

1.0 mile South East of Penkridge 


Approach from East/West ONLY, not below 1000 feet avoiding no fly zones. For map of approaches and no fly zones click:



Circuit Height is 500ft agl
Runway Details

Runway  07   330 metres  Grass   2.5% upslope for first 80m

Runway 16   300 metres  Grass

Runway  25   330 metres  Grass   2.5% downslope for last 80m
Runway  34   300 metres  Grass
Runway 34 approach options
Runways  11/29   208 metres  Grass
Pooleys 2020 airfield plate
Otherton circuit video (courtesy of G Wiley)
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