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OAL Summer BBQ - 6th July 2024

A thank you to all who attended our first Summer Barbecue on Saturday. It was great to see so many of our airfield users, their friends and family and other visitors attending in support of our flourishing Otherton Airfield community. It was fantastic to meet up again with some of our previous stalwart supporters; so thanks to Mick Smith and family for turning up and eating so much food! Thanks also to Phill (our main Otherton radio man) for his generous donation to the event. Huge thanks as ever to Nigel and Graham for their work enabling the airfield to be presented in such fantastic condition and special ‘shout out’ to Graham for effecting an emergency plumbing repair to the water supply for the toilets and shower facilities immediately prior to the event starting! We hope that this is the first of many social events to be enjoyed by all in the future. We did make it clear in all email and Facebook communications: that due to the Flying Pan kitchen not being available: guests were invited to bring along their own beverages. This will be the case in future events if held when the kitchen is not manned by Rita and Paul and we will seek to further emphasise this in the future - whilst it may be worth considering the provision of a limited range of drinks. The complimentary drinks trolley certainly had some considerable support, to the very worthwhile benefit of the West Midland Air Ambulance charity box! We look forward to keeping you posted for the next event!

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